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Best warehouse security cameras in 2024 - Buying guide

by ChenJanice 31 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Warehouses are vital hubs in today's commerce, filled with valuable goods that attract unwanted attention. Having a top-notch security system with the best surveillance cameras is not just a choice – it's a crucial investment for responsible warehouse owners and managers.

Whether you're an experienced industry professional, a vigilant entrepreneur, or a retails store owner looking to strengthen your operations, our comprehensive analysis will help you make informed decisions with no room for compromise.

Let's embark on this journey together and discover the best business security systems with cameras.

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Some Features of the Best Security System for Warehouse

Here are some essential features that your security system for a warehouse should have:

Remote access and 24/7 Monitoring:

Enable authorized personnel to access live camera feeds and control the security system remotely through secure mobile applications or online platforms at all times, responding promptly to any alarms or unusual activities.

Alarm System:

A loud, attention-grabbing alarm is essential to alert both on-site personnel and owners during a security breach.

Backup Power and Redundancy:

Ensure that the security system has backup power sources, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), to remain operational during power outages.

Motion Sensors & AI human detection:

Motion detection sensors can trigger alarms and alerts when movement is detected in restricted or off-hours areas, helping to deter intruders and prevent unauthorized access. AI security cameras differentiate between human and non-human activities, preventing false alerts. AI-powered cameras with facial recognition can detect and warn when specific individuals approach a property or by allowing only the recognized persons to enter. 

Storage options:Security cameras offer various storage options such as onboard SD cards with limitations,NVRs(Network Video Recorders) for IP cameras with ample network storage, DVRs(Digital Video Recorders) for analog cameras, and popular cloud storage with remote access. Some cameras use local FTP or NAS for more capacity.
NVRs or cloud storage are preferable for larger systems, while on-board, FTP, or NAS(Network-Attached Storage) suit smaller setups or local control.Besides, All NVR and DVR also support to install hard disk to use.

Night vision:Equipped with infrared (IR) or color vision technology, enabling clear visibility in low-light or complete darkness conditions, enhancing overall surveillance efficacy during nighttime hours.
Wide Field of View:Wide Field of View (FOV) in security cameras refers to the extent or angle of the area captured by the camera lens. A camera with a wide FOV can cover a larger area, reducing blind spots and minimizing the need for multiple cameras. This feature is especially beneficial in applications like surveillance of large warehouses, parking lots, or open outdoor areas where a comprehensive view is crucial for monitoring activities. 

Why Choose Techage Security Cameras For Your Warehouse?

Opt for Techage Security Cameras for your warehouse and enjoy unparalleled advantages. With cutting-edge technology, these cameras ensure top-notch surveillance, safeguarding your valuable assets. Advanced features like AI-powered human detection minimize false alerts, allowing for more efficient monitoring. Moreover, Techage's cameras have facial recognition capabilities, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Countless Options:

Techage offers a wide range of security cameras to suit various surveillance needs, such as dome, bullet, PTZ, IP, AHD, and wireless options. Their wired cameras are robust and reliable, ideal for warehouses with stable power sources, ensuring high-quality footage without battery concerns or signal interruptions. Conversely, Techage's wireless cameras provide convenience and flexibility, easily installed without extensive wiring, ensuring stable connections through Wi-Fi or cellular networks for effortless monitoring of remote or temporary storage areas.

Seamless integration of different cameras using POE camera Kit:

The Techage POE Camera Kit offers a seamless and versatile solution for all your surveillance needs. One of its standout features is its compatibility with the same series of Techage wifi cameras. Whether you opt for POE products or wifi products, they can be effortlessly integrated and used together within the same ecosystem using POE camera Kit. This remarkable capability allows users to mix and match different camera types based on their specific requirements, all managed through a single intuitive and user-friendly APP.

Advanced features:

Techage security cameras come equipped with an impressive range of advanced features. Their AI-powered analytics can detect and distinguish between human and non-human activities. Moreover, facial recognition technology enhances security by alerting you when specific individuals approach your property.Additionally, most Techage camera models offer the unique capability to switch seamlessly between IR and color night vision modes, providing clear and detailed footage day or night in any lighting condition. Furthermore, the cameras boast a PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) 360-degree rotation capability, eliminating blind spots & detects movements to change directions accordingly. 

Cost effectiveness:

A standout feature of Techage Security Cameras is their cost-effectiveness. Despite their high-end features, they remain budget-friendly, making them an excellent long-term investment for any warehouse owner. The setup is easy, and their user-friendly interface ensures hassle-free management of your surveillance system, even for those with limited technical expertise.

Hence, fortify your warehouse with Techage's ultimate security solution, combining cutting-edge technology, affordability, and user-friendliness. Your assets and peace of mind deserve the best-in-class surveillance from Techage. Make the smart choice today and protect what matters most.

How Can Techage Security Cameras Protect Your Warehouse?

Techage security cameras can significantly enhance the protection of your warehouse by providing comprehensive surveillance and advanced features. Here's how Techage cameras contribute to safeguarding your warehouse:

High resolution & comprehensive coverage:

Techage Security Cameras offer high-resolution surveillance from 1080p to 4K, ensuring crystal-clear footage and enhanced zoom capabilities. Whether for facial recognition or monitoring distant areas, Techage cameras provide comprehensive warehouse security. Choose from various camera types with 360-degree rotation via mobile apps and wide-angle lenses to eliminate blind spots and maintain constant surveillance throughout your warehouse.

AI-Powered Analytics:

AI motion detection security cameras utilize advanced algorithms to detect and differentiate moveable objects, including cars, and can even accurately identify and read license plate numbers.

Track unwanted people:

Techage cameras equipped with facial recognition technology can alert you when specific individuals approach your property. This feature enhances security by allowing you to control access to sensitive areas and identify potential intruders or authorized personnel efficiently.

Overcoming lighting variations for day & night surveillance:

The ability to switch seamlessly between IR and color night vision modes ensures clear and detailed footage in various lighting conditions. This ensures round-the-clock surveillance, providing critical visibility even during low-light situations.

Remote access & easy interface:

Techage security cameras offer remote access, enabling multiple users to monitor the warehouse from anywhere through user-friendly mobile apps or internet browsers. This ensures constant surveillance and peace of mind, even when off-site. The intuitive interface, available on IOS, Android, or Windows devices, makes remote monitoring convenient, with the app downloadable from Apple's App Store and Android's Play Store for easy installation and seamless access to your cameras from any location.

Weatherproof and Durable Design:

Many Techage cameras are weatherproof (IP66) and vandal-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor installations and harsh environments. This durability ensures reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Warehouse Security Camera (System) Recommendations, Reviews, Costs

Techage 16CH Bullet Mix Dome 5MP Poe Camera System 48V

warehouse security cameras

The Techage 16CH Bullet Mix Dome 5MP PoE Camera System 48V is a comprehensive surveillance solution with 16 high-definition cameras, intelligently combining dome and bullet PoE cameras. Its 5MP resolution ensures exceptional image quality for indoor and outdoor monitoring. Leveraging Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology streamlines installation with a single Ethernet cable for both data and power. Bullet cameras enhance outdoor surveillance with long-range visibility and deterrence, while the discreet dome cameras suit various indoor and outdoor applications. Reliable and flexible, this system is an ideal solution for a wide range of surveillance needs.


This Techage POE camera has received excellent reviews, earning an impressive 5-star rating. It is reasonably priced at $899 for a set of 16 cameras, making each camera cost approximately $56.

While it may be slightly more costly than some alternatives, the system justifies its price with an impressive array of functionalities. 

High Resolution:

This camera system offers stunning 5MP(2K+) resolution, ensuring exceptionally clear and detailed surveillance footage. You can capture every important detail, making it ideal for critical monitoring applications.

Real-Time Two-Way Audio Communication:

With built-in microphones and speakers, you can have real-time communication with employees or to discourage intruders.

Real-Time Motion Alerts:

When an intruder is detected, the camera emits lights, sounds alarms, and sends prompt messages to your phone app.

Smart Motion Detection & Customizable Motion Zone:

Person/Vehicle detection technology offers increased alarm accuracy, eliminating false alarms triggered by pets. You can now customize your monitoring area, receiving alerts only for zones you truly care about, enhancing security while reducing distractions.

Onvif Support and H.265+ Compression:

Techage POE cameras support Onvif, allowing compatibility with other NVR brands. The H.265+ coding efficiently compresses video files without compromising quality, optimizing storage space for longer recording times.

Plug&Play set up:

The system's simple PoE connection streamlines set-up and installation, eliminating the need for extra power cables or adapters, making it hassle-free and user-friendly.

32CH Home Security System With 5MP POE AI Wired Camera

warehouse security cameras

If you're looking to secure your large warehouse effectively, the 32CH Home Security System with 5MP POE AI Wired Camera is a highly recommended option. With its 32 POE wired bullet cameras, this comprehensive system ensures extensive coverage and heightened surveillance capabilities. The 5MP resolution delivers clear and detailed images, enabling you to closely monitor your warehouse activities. The support for 150 meters cable transmission distance ensures that even large warehouse spaces can be adequately covered without signal degradation.


This professional-grade camera system is priced at $1600 for a total of 32 pieces, with an average price per camera amounting to $50.


  1. 32CH Home Security System with 5MP POE AI Wired Cameras.
  2. Easy plug-and-play setup for quick installation.
  3. Smart AI motion detection and face detection for advanced security.
  4. 2pcs white LEDs serve as a warning deterrent when motion is detected.
  5. High-definition 5MP display ensures clear and detailed images.
  6. Real-time two-way audio communication with built-in microphone and speaker.
  7. Waterproof IP66 rating for reliable outdoor performance.
  8. Allows remote view via smartphones, tablets, notebooks, or PCs.
  9. Supports multiple languages for user convenience.
  10. Ideal for warehouse security with AI motion detection, two-way audio, and automated alarms.

FAQ about Warehouse Security System

1.How much does a warehouse security system cost?

The cost of a security camera system for a warehouse can vary widely depending on the size of the warehouse, the number of cameras and sensors needed, the quality of the equipment, and additional features or services. On average, a set of 8 cameras security systems can range from 400$ to thousand dollars.

2.What mistakes to avoid in buying a business security camera?

When purchasing security cameras for a warehouse, steer clear of these errors:

  • Opting for low-resolution or limited coverage cameras 
  • Ignore night vision capabilities
  • Neglecting weatherproof options for outdoor areas
  • Not considering scalability
  • Not investing in secure storage
  • Forgetting to test camera placement before installation.

3.How many cameras do I need for my warehouse?

You may need 8-16 or more cameras depending on the area of the warehouse.

4.Where to install security cameras in a warehouse?

Strategically install security cameras in warehouse entry points, main aisles, high-value storage areas, and shipping/receiving zones. Also, cover parking lots and blind spots for comprehensive coverage. Comply with privacy laws and inform employees and visitors about surveillance presence.

5.What are the main safety and security threats in warehouses?

The main security threats in warehouses include theft, vandalism, unauthorized access, and potential breaches in cybersecurity.


Investing in the right security cameras for warehouse, retail or business is crucial for safeguarding your assets, personnel, and operations. Consider high-resolution cameras with night vision, wide coverage, and weather resistance. Prioritize ample storage and scalability, along with remote access and real-time alerts. Ensure data security through robust encryption.

If you still have any queries contact us.

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