4K IP Camera

Introducing our 4K IP Camera collection, which comprises two distinct options tailored to your specific needs.

  • 4K PoE Camera: Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), this camera requires a wired network connection, ensuring a reliable and consistent power source. It's an ideal choice for situations where a stable wired connection is paramount.

  • 4K WiFi Camera: Powered by a 12V 1A power source, this camera offers the flexibility of connecting to your network via WiFi, hotspots, or a wired connection. It's perfect for locations where wiring may be challenging or unnecessary.

While each camera has its unique power and connectivity features, both models share these common attributes:

  • 4K/8MP Resolution: Experience unparalleled clarity and detail with the 4K resolution, ensuring your surveillance footage is of the highest quality.

  • Two-Way Audio: Communicate through the camera, enabling real-time interaction and monitoring remotely.

  • Infrared and Color Night Vision: Enjoy comprehensive day and night coverage with infrared and color night vision capabilities, ensuring your security needs are met 24/7.

  • Efficient H.265 Encoding: Benefit from H.265 encoding, which optimizes storage space and network bandwidth while maintaining exceptional video quality.

With these features, our 4K IP Camera collection provides versatile, high-quality surveillance solutions tailored to your preferences.