4K IP Camera

Introducing our 4K IP Camera collection, which comprises two distinct options tailored to your specific needs.

  • 4K PoE Camera: Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), this camera requires a wired network connection, ensuring a reliable and consistent power source. It's an ideal choice for situations where a stable wired connection is paramount.

  • 4K WiFi Camera: Powered by a 12V 1A power source, this camera offers the flexibility of connecting to your network via WiFi, hotspots, or a wired connection. It's perfect for locations where wiring may be challenging or unnecessary.


While each camera has its unique power and connectivity features, both models share these common attributes:

  • 4K/8MP Resolution: Experience unparalleled clarity and detail with the 4K resolution, ensuring your surveillance footage is of the highest quality.

  • Two-Way Audio: Communicate through the camera, enabling real-time interaction and monitoring remotely.

  • Infrared and Color Night Vision: Enjoy comprehensive day and night coverage with infrared and color night vision capabilities, ensuring your security needs are met 24/7.

  • Efficient H.265 Encoding: Benefit from H.265 encoding, which optimizes storage space and network bandwidth while maintaining exceptional video quality.

With these features, our 4K IP Camera collection provides versatile, high-quality surveillance solutions tailored to your preferences.


  • Can i build my poe camera system with indoor and outdoor cameras?
    Yes.Dome cameras is good for indoor using, and bullet camerasmainly use for outdoor.
  • Does the Techage PoE NVR support ONVIF protocol?
    Yes. Techage PoE NVR support Onvif protocol.
  • Can i use other brand of poe security cameras or wifi cameras with your PoE NVR?
    Yes. Our PoE NVR support max 4k resolution and support onvif protocol, please kindly make sure your cameras support onvif too. If you use 12v camera, then it can not get power via PoE NVR, please kindly power the camera by power adapter and then connect to same router , so that it can detected by NVR to add.
  • What comes in a parcel?
    We provide 20meter lan cables for poe cameras if you buy 8ch poe camera kit. For example, if you buy the poe camera kit with 4pcs cameras, you will receive 1pcs poe nvr, 4pcs cameras with 4pcs lan cables. Besides, we also provide power adapter and mouse for NVR. But 16CH Poe camera kit do not include cables.