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Forgot Your NVR Password? Here's How to Reset and Regain Access

by ChenJanice 25 Apr 2023 7 Comments

If you happened to forget the password of Techage NVR, don't panic, In this article, I intend to show you how to reset our POE NVR and WiFi NVR.

What to do when you forget the password for Wifi NVR?

These setting only work forWiFi NVR 8208W,8204.

When the login window warms “Username/Password Is Incorrect”

  1. Move your mouse into this prompt box, left click, right click, left click...repeat 12 times (6 times for each)
  2. Until a restore default user window pops out
  3. Click “Yes” to reset your username and password.

What to do when you forget your password for POE NVR and WiFi NVR?

These setting work for POE NVR 6708K, 6916K, 7932K,6016K and WiFi NVR 6108BW

Firstly, please kindly go to the login menu, click “forget password”

Later, it will appear a menu about verification code like this picture shows.

Please kindly open Xmeye APP to scan the code to get a code.

later you can enter the verification code on this page.

Then POE NVR will restore the user name and password, please kindly set up your new password here and confirm, click Next.

Finally, please kindly go to set up safety question in case of you forget password again.

More details, please kindly check from this video.

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reset nvr password :8000
27 May 2024 bhaskar mishra
reset nvr password
17 Nov 2023 Jeonilgwang

Forget password

17 Nov 2023 Chris arthurson

How do I reset my nvr password without a p or laptop

17 Nov 2023 Aleksey

When I wrote any password and click OK window closed and not any window with “username/password is incorrect”
How can I change password or see video hdd

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