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What to do when the NVR is stuck where the system's initializing?

by HeKathy 25 Apr 2023 10 Comments

1. Unplug all other cables from the nvr, including network cable, hdd, flash disk, just connect it to monitor.

2. Power off and then power on, reboot, repeat this for several times, you might get a chance to get into the system once. Then you can upgrade the system to the latest version. If 1 and 2 do not work, go next

3. The U disk must be FAT32 Format and 2.0 interface,Root directory means the first grade directory.

4. Power on NVR, then NVR will upgrade automatically, then you will hear "BI" , then wait for about 6mins,NVR will upgrade successfully and rebooting. (note: please don't power off NVR when upgrading)

5. If NVR still doesn't work normally after 6 minutes upgrading successfully, please try again. keep U-disk plug on NVR, power off NVR, then power on. Wait for 6 min, NVR will upgrade successfully and rebooting again.

6. if channel information is deleted after upgrading , please match code to add camera to NVR channel again. steps as: " Video manage--Match Code--double click the found out camera, then the camera match code to NVR."

Remark: 1. USB-stick should be formatted to FAT32 before upgrading.

2. If NVR can't find USB-stick, please use HPUSBFW V2.2.3.exe to format it.

3. The restore_factory_config_is_dangerous file in USB-stick is one-time-use, if want to upgrade again, should copy it to usb-stick again.

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20 Apr 2024 Clay


I tried disconnecting all cables as stated in post, but when I plug unit back in, it returns to same screen “ZOSI” in large text, and “System initialization…” below. It never changes despite several unplugs and replugs.

Also: what is all this about the usb drive. I never got one with my unit.
—I have a drive and will now try to find the driver/software online…. All of this is unclear to me. Could you please explain?

Thank you kindly!

17 Jan 2024 ste
i am stuck in the system initilizing screen, how can i get the usb firmware upgrade?
15 Dec 2023 Esentia

This blogpost is a lifesaver for anyone facing the nerve-wracking situation of an NVR stuck in initialization. The frustration of a system not getting past the initialization phase is all too familiar, and this guide provides a clear roadmap out of the deadlock. The step-by-step instructions are not only easy to follow but also empower users to troubleshoot the issue independently. Kudos to the author for offering practical solutions and shedding light on a common pain point in NVR setups. If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a system stuck in initialization, this blogpost is your go-to resource for a smooth resolution. Highly recommended!

21 Oct 2023 karim mekhail

i want the firmware to NVR

17 Jul 2023 randy

Hi there! I just read your blog post on how to install a CCTV camera on a TV and I have to say, it was incredibly helpful! As someone who is not particularly tech-savvy, I found your step-by-step instructions to be clear and easy to follow. What I appreciated most about your post was the attention to detail that you provided. You didn’t just give a general overview of the process, but you actually went into specifics about the different types of cables and connectors needed and how to properly connect everything. Overall, I feel much more confident now in my ability to install a CCTV camera on my TV thanks to your guidance. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

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