Techage Security Cameras offers top-of-the-line security camera systems specifically designed for small businesses. Our selection of bundles combines affordability with cutting-edge features to provide small businesses with a competitive edge in security. We have carefully curated products like WiFi and POE Camera Kit to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Whether you run an office, school, cafe, restaurant, convenience store, or gas station, our small business security camera system bundles are tailored to meet your needs. Experience the advantages of surveillance by leveraging our advanced technology.


For in-depth information on how a small business security camera system can benefit your business, we invite you to read the Security Cameras Tips for Small Businesses. To inquire about availability and specific product details, please reach out to our dedicated team today!.

Security System Solutions for Small and Medium Business

Implementing a small business security camera system is paramount to deterring crimes such as theft and robbery. These systems offer a range of advanced features, including motion detection, video analytics, customer counting, and more, providing comprehensive insights into daily activities within your store. By opting for these solutions, store owners gain enhanced control over their premises, as the camera bundles seamlessly integrate with alarm and access control systems..
Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras provide easy installation and versatile application. Outdoor cameras are particularly effective for exterior and entrance surveillance due to their waterproof design. They serve as a strong deterrent against potential intruders and criminal incidents.
Ideal Applications: Outdoor Areas, Hallways, Entrances, Warehouses.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras boast vandal-proof features and a discreet appearance when positioned indoors. The glass cover additionally conceals the camera's field of view from distant vantage points.
Ideal Usage: Indoor Spaces, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Offices, Schools.

PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras offer the flexibility to adjust the lens position and focal length from the control center or even a mobile device, making them ideal for monitoring expansive spaces.
Ideal Usage: Open Areas, Parking Lots, Entrances, Gates, Warehouses, Farms.

Are you considering outdoor or indoor installation? Is it for a home office setting?
How about the lighting conditions and the size of the coverage area?
Prioritize these considerations before opting for either bullet or dome IP cameras.

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Choosing the Right Security Camera: BULLET VS. DOME VS. PTZ CAMERAS

Choosing the Right Security Camera: BULLET VS. DOME VS. PTZ CAMERAS

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