Dome Security Camera

Dome cameras derive their name from their distinctive dome-shaped design. Round security cameras are engineered to withstand various elements, both indoors and outdoors. Most people use it as an indoor camera Their architecture enables them to function effectively even in low-light or complete darkness, thanks to the incorporation of built-in infrared LEDs.

Dome surveillance camera possess an added layer of protection against tampering. The transparent dome safeguards the internal cameras, ensuring that any objects hurled towards them won't disrupt recording capabilities. Furthermore, the dome shields the actual cameras, making it significantly more challenging for thieves and vandals to alter their positioning.

Constructed from premium materials, dome cameras boast weather-resistant properties, rendering them particularly suited for outdoor applications. Their wide field of view makes them an excellent choice for monitoring expansive areas. Additionally, dome cameras offer ease of installation and can be conveniently mounted on either ceilings or walls.