An IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) with more channels simply means that it has the capacity to handle and record video feeds from a larger number of IP (Internet Protocol) cameras simultaneously. Each channel represents one camera input that the NVR can manage and record. These IP NVRs are commonly used in larger surveillance systems where multiple cameras are deployed to cover extensive areas or multiple locations. The choice of an IP NVR with more channels is beneficial for businesses, large properties, or security applications that require comprehensive coverage and the ability to monitor multiple camera feeds from a single recording and management device. It allows for centralized control, recording, and storage of video data from a diverse set of cameras, simplifying the surveillance system's overall management.


  • Motion Detection: NVRs can detect motion within the camera's field of view and send alerts, reducing the need to sift through hours of footage.

  • High-Definition Recording: Many NVRs support high-resolution video recording, which ensures that the captured footage is crisp and detailed.

  • Playback and Search: NVRs provide easy-to-use interfaces for searching and reviewing recorded footage efficiently.

  • Scheduled Recording: Users can set specific recording schedules to capture video only during certain times or events.

  • Remote Viewing: NVRs enable remote access to live and recorded footage through mobile apps or web browsers, ensuring that users can monitor their premises from anywhere.

  • High Storage Capacity with H.265 code:Our NVRs are equipped with advanced H.265 video compression technology, optimizing storage efficiency while maintaining exceptional video quality. This enables you to store more footage without compromising on clarity. In fact, our NVRs support a maximum of 14TB HDD capacity, ensuring that you can securely save a significant amount of video data for extended periods.


Model 6708KR 6016K 6916K 7932K 4CH PoE Switch 8CH PoE Switch 16CH PoE Switch
Channel 8 port 16 channel 16 port 16 channel 16 port 16 channel 32 channel 4+2 port 8+2 port 16+2 port
Resolution supported Up to 8MP Up to 8MP Up to 8MP Up to 8MP - - -
Supports cams with person/vehicle detection - - -
24/7 recording - - -
Utmost storage 14TB 14TB 14TB 14TB+14TB No No No
Video Output 1x VGA, 1x HDMI 1x VGA, 1x HDMI 1x VGA, 1x HDMI 1x VGA, 1x HDMI No No No
Video playback & backup - - -
Power DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 12V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V