Signal Repeater

A signal repeater for a CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) camera is a device that's used to boost or extend the signal range of the camera. This is particularly useful in cases where the camera is located a significant distance away from the monitoring station or recorder, or when there are obstacles, like walls or floors, that weaken the signal.

Signal repeaters can be used with both wired and wireless CCTV systems:

  1. For Wired Camera Systems: A repeater amplifies or regenerates the signal before sending it along the cable to the monitoring station or recorder. This can be particularly useful for long cable runs where signal degradation can occur.

  2. For Wireless Camera Systems: A repeater will receive the wireless signal from the camera, amplify it, and then retransmit it. This can extend the effective range of a wireless camera, allowing it to be placed farther from the base station or overcoming obstacles that might block or degrade the wireless signal.

In both cases, the goal of a signal repeater is to ensure that the video feed from the CCTV camera remains clear and consistent, regardless of the distance or obstructions between the camera and the monitoring station or recorder.