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How to Reset POE NVR?

by ChenJanice 11 May 2023 5 Comments
Way 1
  1. Keep your PC and nvr connected to same router with same network segment
  2. Download ResetACTool to your pc, run the reset tool on pc

     you will get safety code: send to us  

    we will send you the password after we get your safety code  

    then tick the box of DVR and click on Reset Config.

Note: Please kindly delect this file after you install it, then this software will show in english.


If the reset tool can not figure out this problem, please try to login by ip    address and go to reset it follow these steps


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15 Jul 2022 Janusz

Link for ReserACToll is not valid

07 Jul 2022 Дильшат Еркинов

Hi i forgot my password
Link for ReserACToll is not valid
Master Key from Video Recorder NVR techage 6708 is: 18991108

07 Jul 2022 dilshat

Hi, i forgot my password from NVR techage 6708 KEY 18991108


My camera system is not connected to internet, so, can I recover my password for N6708F5N-POE ? Thank you for your help

03 Nov 2021 Михаил

Hello I forgot the password from the ResetACTool camera issued the code 5505317112 I need a super password. Thanks

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