How to View Real-time Video via RTSP URL?

Download VLC and install it. Open VLC media player     Click Media---Ctrl+N   Input URL---click P to view video   rtsp://  is the IP of camera :554  the port of RTSP sever user=admin the user name of the camera password=  null password channel=1  channel 1 stream=0.sdp? Main stream      

How to Play the H.265 Video of your camera on PC ?

1. Please download H265General_ VDiskPlay tool 2. Insert your USB card reader into USB port of your PC (if it pops out a message by saying format disk, then cancel it) 3. Unzip and Install H265General_ VDiskPlay and open VDiskPlay, choose date---channel---video, then you can view video.    

What to do if SD card can't be recognized?

1. Format SD card to FAT32 format on the computer and tested on the camera. 2. Provide camera version, test after upgrade 3. Replace other memory card to have a try. 4. If possible, insert the memory card into another camera and test it.

Why My Camera Works only with Wired Network Cable?

1. Our camera only works with wifi of 2.4Ghz band, does not support wifi of 5Ghz band. 2. Check whether the wifi antenna is loose or not, connect your phone with wifi network, long press Reset button to reset your camera, and you will hear “Please start quick configuration” and...

What to do when my wifi IP camera with weak signal?

1. Please put your camera near to the router. 2. Send us version of your camera to the support for upgrade file. 3. If your camera is equipped with wifi antenna, then check whether the wifi antenna is loose or not. Also, you can disassemble and check if the antenna...