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What is default user name and password for camera Kit?

by HeKathy 11 May 2023 8 Comments

For our DVR/NVR system, the user name is: admin and no password. (default setting)

So when you get into the system for the first time, use admin as user name and do not enter any password to login.

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09 May 2023 Андрей

Hello, I forgot the password to the registrar and now I can’t log in and watch the recording. registrar 7004T-LM-V2, CZ2018.02.02. Now writes the account is blocked (71967011). What should I do.

25 Jul 2022 Robert

Admin password is locked
I want to reset the system
Help how to reset the system
Thank you

06 Jun 2022 Eduardo Carlos Mullin

Buen día, olvidé mi contraseña, es posible restablecer la configuración? Si es posible, cómo se hace. Gracias.

07 Jul 2022 francis

i am using admin as the user but not getting through, it keep saying user does not existed how can you help.

07 Jul 2022 meir

Admin password locked. Is it possible to reset to factory setting? How to?
“Account Has Been Locked (40826082)”
how reset password to default?

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