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How to upgrade the NVR system?

by ChenJanice 25 Apr 2023 9 Comments

Firmware updates are crucial for the proper functioning, security, and performance of an NVR system. They provide bug fixes, feature enhancements, and often address known vulnerabilities. Here are some important points to consider regarding firmware updates for an NVR system:

  1. Regularly check for updates: Manufacturers periodically release firmware updates for their NVR models. It's essential to visit the manufacturer's website or check their support portal regularly to see if there are any available updates for your specific NVR model.

  2. Backup your data: Before performing any firmware update, it's critical to back up all data and configurations on your NVR system. This ensures that in case anything goes wrong during the update process, you can restore the system to its previous state.

  3. Read the release notes: Always read the release notes or changelog provided with the firmware update. This document will detail what changes, fixes, and improvements are included in the update. It will also often contain instructions on how to apply the update.

  4. Follow update instructions: Manufacturers usually provide specific instructions on how to update the firmware for their NVR models. These instructions might involve using a web interface, USB drive, or a dedicated update tool. Follow the provided steps carefully to avoid any issues.

  5. Stability vs. cutting-edge: Some firmware updates may introduce new features but could still be considered beta versions. If your NVR system is in a production environment, it may be wiser to wait for a stable release rather than rushing to get the latest features.

  6. Security patches: Security vulnerabilities may be discovered in NVR systems over time. Manufacturers often release firmware updates to address these vulnerabilities. It's crucial to promptly install these updates to protect your system from potential threats.

  7. Update all relevant components: Some NVR systems have separate firmware updates for various components like cameras, switches, or additional modules. Ensure that you update all relevant components to keep the entire system up to date.

  8. Test after the update: After applying the firmware update, thoroughly test the NVR system to ensure that all cameras are functioning correctly, recordings are being made, and any new features or improvements are working as expected.

  9. Keep a record: Maintain a log of all firmware updates applied to your NVR system, including the date, version, and any issues encountered. This log can be valuable for troubleshooting purposes and for keeping track of the system's maintenance history.

  10. Professional assistance: If you are uncertain about how to perform a firmware update or encounter any difficulties during the process, consider seeking assistance from the manufacturer's support team or a professional with experience in NVR systems.

By keeping your NVR system's firmware up to date, you ensure that it remains secure, stable, and capable of delivering optimal performance for your surveillance needs.

For example, if you need to upgrade our Techage NVR system. Please follow the below steps to upgrade the NVR system.

    1. Right-click mouse System setup>System admin>System version>Take a picture
  1. Contact Tech Support: and send the picture to get the upgrade file.
  2. Copy the NVR upgrade file to the USB disk, and do not change the name of the upgrade file.
  3. Right-click mouse System setup>System admin>System upgrade>local upgrade>it will detect USB>start upgrade


  1. Do not power off the NVR during the upgrade process, otherwise the upgrade will be failed.
  2. During upgrade process, if the upgrade is failed result from improper operation, the emergency recovery method can be used to restore the system. Please restore the system according to the following steps: check the upgrade file and copy it to the root category of the USB flash disk. Then insert the USB flash disk into the NVR, and power on the NVR. You will hear "Dee", and please wait for about three minutes, after that the system would be recovered and automatically restart.
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24 Feb 2024 Youssef Zeino

I have got a system upgrade file and I have uploaded it on a USB, then I follow the instructions but I had an error message:
System upgrade failed!
Firmware file is not found!
Please check if it’s a FAT32 file system

30 Jan 2024 Youssef Zeino

I have a problem the nvr doesn’t recognize the hdd I have changed the hdd and I have control the hdd on the pc it was working well, but still not ok what to do?

10 Jan 2024 David Fonseca

I have some hdd problems lately, I already changed the hdd and it continues to stop recording after some days.
Can you please send me the latest firmware to W-NVR K8208-W?

Thanks in advance

21 Oct 2023 Олег

pn114rbv5 g200610002436
регистратор зависает на загрузке, разноцветные полосы. Нужна прошивка

15 Dec 2023 Eli Cohen

I have NVR V4.03.R11.H7280202.12201.140000.0000001
Firmware date 23/09/2020
I have new camera supporting http an rtsp that the NVR does nit recignize.

Is there a way to fix this?

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