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HDD not found / HDD information and format it

by HeKathy 25 Apr 2023 7 Comments

Please refer to these below to solve the HDD not found issue.

1)If hard drive was preinstalled, there are 4 screws at the bottom of NVR box.

2) Check the power adapter connected to the NVR box . The NVR box uses 12V 2A power supply. If you connect the 12V 1A power supply to the NVR, the NVR box will not have enough power to drive the hard drive.

3) Please open the NVR with a screwdriver, check the two cables connecting the hard drive and see if they are loose.

4)Take the hard disk out and install it on your computer. Check if the computer can recognize the hard disk.

Check Hard Drive Information on NVR box and Format it

Right click the mouse>system setup>General setup>HDD setup>select the hard disk>Click Format

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20 Nov 2023 Nikolay oOvalev

Good afternoon! I have been using your NVR device model K8204-W for four years now. Recently, the power supply failed and I replaced it. Since the reason could not be immediately established, initially, I replaced the hard drive, which did not lead to an effect. Now, I need an access code for the administrator to configure it. Unfortunately, the previously installed code does not work. I ask for your help and assistance in solving this issue and sending the code to me!

06 Jun 2022 Christopher Orozco

I have a purchased a NVR POE 4channels and i have conected to NVR I have installed an 1TB hard drive and the drive is not recognized, the drive is suitable for this task even is formatted in NTFS with no partitions but it can’t be read, instead I have installed an old drive with 80Gb the two drives manufactured by Seagate and this is recognized and promt to format the drive and is done and can save the videos but I can make it to the big drive I have mounted both in my pc and both are usable I can write/delete files.
Meanwhile I will try with the 80Gb drive an set the cameras to lower quality to avoid data overwritting, waiting for a fix for this from you, or maybe is a firmware update to do in the NVR.

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