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How to Fix It When IP Cameras Lose Connection With NVR?

by ChenJanice 25 Apr 2023 2 Comments


Here's a streamlined guide to help customers fix IP cameras that have lost connection with their NVR:

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How to Fix IP Cameras That Lose Connection With NVR

Step 1: Check the Antenna

Ensure the antenna on the camera is not loose.

Step 2: Test the Camera Sensor

1.Cover the sensor under the lens.
2.Observe the camera light:

  • If the light is bright: The camera is functioning properly.
  • If the light is not bright: Try connecting the camera with a different power cable or power adapter

Step 3: Verify Camera Functionality

If the camera is confirmed to be working, proceed to the next steps.

Step 4: Refresh Video Management

  1. Right-click the mouse.
  2. Go to Video Manage.
  3. Select Refresh.
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Step 5: Use Ethernet Cable (if Step 4 fails)

  1. Connect the camera to your NVR using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Delete the following:
  3. IPC Disconnect
  4. Authentication Failed Channel
  5. Refresh and match the code.
  6. Unplug the Ethernet cable.


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12 Jun 2024 Esentia

Great article! IP cameras losing connection with an NVR can indeed be a frustrating issue, but your step-by-step guide makes troubleshooting much more manageable. I especially appreciate the emphasis on checking the network settings and ensuring firmware updates, as these are often overlooked but crucial factors. Additionally, your tips on verifying power supply and examining physical connections are practical and easy to follow. For those still experiencing issues, considering potential IP conflicts and examining router settings for any restrictions can also be helpful. Thanks for the comprehensive and easy-to-understand advice!

20 Nov 2023 rick mckinney

my authentication failed cameras stoped working how do i fix that so they will work again

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