New Arrival

Introducing our highly anticipated New Arrival product series, exclusively designed by the renowned Techage brand. This comprehensive collection features a range of cutting-edge surveillance cameras and recording devices, including PoE cameras, WiFi cameras, battery cameras, PoE NVR, and recorders.Our New Arrival series offers a diverse selection of surveillance cameras, each engineered with the latest technology and innovative features. From PoE cameras that provide power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable to WiFi cameras that offer flexible connectivity options, our product range ensures there is a solution to meet every surveillance need.In addition to our range of cameras, the New Arrival series also includes PoE NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and recorders. These devices allow for seamless integration and centralized management of multiple cameras, enabling easy storage and retrieval of recorded footage. With user-friendly interfaces and robust storage capacity, our NVRs and recorders provide a comprehensive surveillance system that ensures reliable recording and playback of critical events.