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How to Add Device to App (Mobile) and View Remotely?

by HeKathy 25 Apr 2023 2 Comments

How to Add Device to App and View Remotely?

Connect the NVR to router by network cable and then check if the status is Onlineon the right bottom of the NVR.

The default user name is: admin and no password (Enter your password if you have set your own password.) 

You can register an account instead of Local Log in . 

 Having problem viewing the cameras on app when outside of home wifi? Try the followings: 

Click on Auto Config 

Try again on your app and see if you can see all the cameras. 

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10 Nov 2023 Klaus Bojesen Nielsen

EseeCloud is a piece of BIPBIP i van’t connect on phone no matter what i do, failed failed and failed as everything else with Techage i will soon be looking for another survailence kit cause this is BIPBIP me off big time worst ever even nexsmart seems good now.

02 Dec 2021 Loren

Help. Techage PT815G. How do I “SHARE” the camera? Nothing in the manual and its not intuitive. I click the share button and follow the steps?, but when the person I am sending it to gets the message with the scan code it just takes me to sign in or sign up page. When I do that I am simply putting my account on there phone. I just want to share the PZT and the read/see recording and live feed but not access things like the microphone. Please please help because everything else about the camera is great. Thanks, Loren

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