Wireless Wifi Camera Kits

1. What to Do when My Camera Shows Pink/Purple Picture?

2. Why One of Camera with Weak or No Signal?

3. Why i can not visit my NVR on phone APP when i connect NVR to internet?

4. Why One of Camera Can not Show Video successfully?

5. What to do when monitor does not display video?

6. How to play the Audio and do video talk on WiFi NVR Camera System?

7. Video Backup

8. HDD not found / HDD information and format it

9. How to solve the problem of IPC disconnect / Authentication failed?

10. APP wrong password and change NVR password

11. Video Playback

12. How to view video through EseeCloud APP without a monitor connected?

13. How to upgrade the Wireless IP cameras in the Wireless Camera Kit ?

14. How to upgrade the NVR system?

15. How to set email alerts?

16. What to do when the image is flipped?

17. How to download and enable the plugin when viewing on IE explorer?

18. How to make the NVR online? Cannot view when being outside?

19. What to do when the NVR is stuck where the system's initializing?

20. How to view from Website?

21. How to view remotely from PC?

22. How to Add Device to App (Mobile) and View Remotely?

23. My camera is Audio supportive but I cannot hear audio?

24. How to set record and motion detection recording?

25. How to add a new camera to NVR By matching code?

26. What to do when camera shows Offline?

27. What to do when NVR is always beeping?

28. What languages are supported for Wifi NVR and how to change language?

29. What to do when camera signal is weak?

30. What to do when you forget your password for NVR?

31. How to reset Wifi camera and restore NVR to factory setting?

32. How to find version of Wifi NVR and camera?

33. How to View Real-time Video via RTSP URL?