Wireless Camera Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common FAQs and concerns of our clients before purchasing and using our products. If you have any additional inquiries, please visit our Troubleshooting page or reach out to us through our Contact Us Page. We are here to offer professional support and enhance your experience.
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We are based in Shenzhen, China, and we also have warehouses in the EU, Russia, and China. If your address is eligible for shipping from our overseas warehouses and the product you purchased is in stock there, we will dispatch it from the EU/US warehouse. Otherwise, we will ship it from our warehouse in China.

We offer free shipping to the United States and European Union countries. If you are located in another country, please fill in your address on the checkout page to check the shipping cost.

Shipment preparation time: 24 hours

Estimated delivery:

  • Fast delivery (FedEx, UPS, and DHL): 3 - 10 working days
  • Free shipping (post air parcel): 5 - 20 working days
1. Orders from our China warehouse do not include tax coverage. We usually try to declare a lower value to minimize your tax burden, but please be aware that this carries some risk. Feel free to contact us, especially if you have chosen fast shipping or if your order amount is significant.
2. If you are located in an EU country and we have stock available in our EU warehouse, you will not need to pay any taxes.

The remote fee is charged by shipping companies (such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS) when your city and postcode are classified as remote areas within their systems. This fee is not charged by us, the seller. Typically, the remote fee ranges from $30 to $60, depending on the weight of the parcel.

Techage collaborates with various international shipping services to cater to different needs. Usually, an email containing the tracking number and a tracking link will be automatically sent to the email address you provided during checkout. You can also track your parcel using the following link: TRACK

Technical - POE Camera

  1. Switch to another PoE port and try again.
  2. Download the Device Manager tool, open it, and click on "IP Search". If you still can't search for the IP successfully, proceed to the next step.
  3. Power on your camera using a 12V adapter, connect the camera to the internet, then click on "IP Search" again and provide the support team with the result.
  1. Please test your camera by following these steps:
  2. Try using a different network cable.
  3. Attempt to connect the camera to another PoE port.
  4. Exchange tests with other functioning cameras.
  5. Power on the camera using a 12V 1A power adapter.
If the PoE camera works with the 12V 1A power adapter, it indicates that the PoE board inside your camera may be broken.
Firstly, please kindly check if online upgrade is available on your NVR's upgrade menu. If not, please provide us with your version information for further assistance. For more details, please refer to this guide.
Right-click the screen - Main Menu - System - Account - Modify Pwd.
Please go to the login page, click "Forgot password." It will provide you with a verification code. Open the Xmeye Pro app and scan this code to obtain a safe code. Enter the safe code on the login page to reset your password. The default password is blank. For more details, please refer to this guide.
1. Connect the power to the camera and connect it to the same router using an Ethernet cable.
2. Download the ICSee app and add the device.
3. Click "Retrieve Password" and get the verification code to reset the password. For more details, please refer to this guide.
1. Firstly, ensure that your cameras support the auto-tracking function.
2. If you have connected the camera to our Techage POE NVR, go to IPC Parameter > Advance, and click "Set Daemon Position."
3. If it is a WiFi PTZ camera, download the ICSee app to connect and follow the video instructions we provide. For more details, please refer to this guide.
Please watch this video to guide you: Video Link.

Technical - Wireless Camera

  1. Locate the reset button near the SD Card Slot or RJ45 LAN cable.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds.
  3. Ensure that you hear the reset configuration sound, which indicates that all settings and passwords have been restored.
  4. The default username is "admin" and the password is blank.
You can follow the steps in this instructional video: Video Link
Currently, there are two ways to support password resetting.
If you remember the current password, please click your account name in the "User" Section. Please follow the instructions on the page to reset your password under "Account Settings/Change Password".
If you have forgotten your current password, please click "Forgot your password?", then you need to enter the email of your account to accept the verification code. After entering the correct verification code, you can reset your password.

Technical - Others

Please visit the product version page to check if there is an online upgrade available.

1. Power on the camera, it will say "system's starting up," and start to configure.
2. If it does not work, connect the camera to the router and check whether the indicator is on or not. Then report the results to our support team.

Randomly dropped:
1. Unplug the external network cable and check for any drop condition. If it appears normal, it might be caused by IP conflicts. Check for IP conflicts, change to a new IP address, and try again. If the issue persists, restart the NVR to see if it resolves the drop.
2. Upgrade the NVR and cameras to the latest version. Please provide the version information of your NVR and cameras to our support team for further assistance.

Fixed channel dropped:
1. Check whether the network cable under the current channel is too long, experiencing interference, or if the code stream value is too large.
2. Swap cameras. After the replacement, if the drop still occurs, consider reducing the camera resolution or upgrading the camera.
1. Change the network cable and try again.
2. Contact our support team for the upgrade file and upgrade instructions for the camera.
3. Reset your camera. Please refer to the instructions on how to reset a POE IP camera.
1. Restart the NVR and perform a test.
2. Reduce the extra stream of all cameras.
3. Provide the version information of your NVR and cameras to our support team for further assistance.
Firstly, please insert a USB disk into the USB port. Secondly, right-click Mouse - Main Menu - System - Backup, then choose Channel, Time, File, and click Start.
Please enter NVR's Main Menu - Network - NetService - Mobile report - Tick Enable, then click Intelligent Alert - Tick Send Email & Mobile report. For more details, please refer to this guide.
Unplug the external network cable and set a complex password (combination of letters and numbers) for the NVR. In the NVR settings, turn off the "Automatic online upgrade" function in the upgrade options.
Although Techage cameras are fully compatible with Techage NVRs, it's advisable not to incorporate non-Reolink cameras into Reolink NVR systems, as compatibility may not be assured.
You can seamlessly use Techage cameras with Techage NVRs. Should you still wish to integrate a third-party camera with our NVR, please ensure that the camera supports the ONVIF protocol. For further information, please consult: Which Version of ONVIF Do Techage Devices Support

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