Why are some movements missed?

Some users may feel it annoying that when the camera starts recording the person in the camera's field of view has already gone. Or obviously and for sure, there is a movement in the camera's field of view but the movement is not recorded. If you encounter the issue, here are tips for you.
  1. Set "Detection Sensitivity" to "High". After doing that, the distance the PIR sensor can perceive will become longer. When the camera's detection sensitivity is "Low" or "Medium", the camera will be more difficult to be triggered.
    • How to adjust sensitivity: tap the camera "setting" icon > tap "Motion Detection" > tap "Detection Sensitivity".
  2. Ensure that the camera is connected to stable and good Wi-Fi. If your camera's network connection is not in good condition, the cloud recordings may fail to be completed or the cloud recordings may fail to be synced to the "Library" in the app.
  3. Please note that when you install the camera about 7 feet high and 10°~15° downwards, the motion detector will perform best. Besides, please note that the motion detector performs best for movements 5 feet to 20 feet (1.5 meters to 6 meters) from the camera.
  1. The motion sensor is more sensitive to movements across the camera's field of view than movements toward or away from the camera. For the best performance, please make sure that the specific movements that you would like to monitor across the camera's field of view.
If the issue still persists, please submit feedback from the app for further technical assistance.