How to Expand your POE NVR channels?


Techage 8ch PoE NVR support to expand to 16ch to use.

Please kindly follow these steps to change this setting on NVR menu.

Main Menu---System---Digital---ChannelType (choose 16---OK)

How to add total 16pcs PoE cameras to 8CH PoE NVR?

Expanding an 8-channel PoE NVR to accommodate 16 PoE cameras using an additional 8-channel PoE switch involves specific steps for proper setup:

1.Check Compatibility: Ensure that both your NVR and the additional PoE switch are compatible and support the required PoE standards (e.g., IEEE 802.3af/at) and camera resolutions.
2.Connect the PoE Switch: Connect the additional 8-channel PoE switch to the NVR using an Ethernet cable. The NVR's available Ethernet port should be connected to one of the ports on the PoE switch. This connection allows the switch to communicate with the NVR.
3.Connect Cameras to the PoE Switch: Plug the additional PoE cameras into the available ports on the 8-channel PoE switch. Use Ethernet cables to connect the cameras to the switch. Ensure that the cameras are powered on and functioning properly.
4.Configure the NVR for the Additional Channels:
  • Access the NVR's settings or interface using a web browser or dedicated software.
  • Look for the option to add or detect new cameras. Follow the on-screen instructions or refer to the NVR's manual to add the newly connected cameras.
  • Assign unique channel numbers to the new cameras. Ensure these channel numbers do not conflict with existing channels.
  • Configure recording settings (such as resolution, frame rate, and recording mode) for the newly added cameras.
5.Verify and Test: After configuring the NVR, verify that all 16 cameras are recognized and functioning correctly. Check the live feed, recording capabilities, and remote access (if applicable) to ensure that the expanded system is working as expected.
6.System Optimization: Monitor the system performance and adjust settings if needed to ensure optimal operation. Consider factors like storage capacity, bandwidth usage, and overall system stability.

By connecting an 8-channel PoE switch to your existing 8-channel PoE NVR, you effectively expand the capacity to accommodate a total of 16 PoE cameras. Proper configuration and setup of the NVR with the additional cameras and switch will enable seamless integration and utilization of the expanded surveillance system.