4K POE-Kamerasystem

Bauen Sie Ihr eigenes PoE-Kamerasystem

Unterstützen Sie die Personen-/Fahrzeugerkennung
Passen Sie die Bewegungszone an

Sicherheit für Ihr Zuhause und Ihr Unternehmen


Dual-Objektiv-Kamera mit 8-fachem Hybrid-Zoom

Dual-Objektiv-Kamera mit 8-fachem Hybrid-Zoom

Automatischer Zoom bei automatischer Verfolgung

Automatischer Zoom bei automatischer Verfolgung

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Solarbetrieben WiFi-Überwachungskamera

Solarbetriebene Kamera

100 % kabellos und nie ausschalten dank Solarpanel

100 % kabellos und nie ausschalten dank Solarpanel

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PoE (Power over Ethernet), schnellere, einfachere und kostengünstigere Installation, unterstützt die Personen-/Fahrzeugerkennung.
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Auto-Pair-, Plug-and-Play-Verbindung für stabile WLAN-Übertragung und Sicherheit zu Hause rund um die Uhr.
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360°-Abdeckung, alle Ecken geschützt. Eine App oder ein Client für ALLE Kontrolle.
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Solar- und Batteriekamera

100 % kabellos und einfache Installation. Solarladung und eingebauter Akku. Intelligente KI-Erkennung und -Wiedergabe.
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Build Your Own Security Camera System with TechAge

3 Free App for Security Cameras


With iCSee, you can effortlessly access and control your surveillance cameras from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy real-time video streaming, playback, motion detection alerts, and more, making it a versatile and essential tool for home and business security.

Xmeye Pro

XMEye provides convenient access to your cameras, offering live viewing, playback, and motion detection alerts. Upgrade to XMEye Pro for advanced features, including cloud storage and more, ensuring top-notch security surveillance at your fingertips.


VicoHome ensures eco-friendly and efficient surveillance. Access live feeds, motion alerts, and adjust settings seamlessly. With its focus on sustainability, VicoHome empowers you to monitor your surroundings while reducing your carbon footprint.


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High Quality Products

We offer and install devices of Techage for many our clients, mostly NVR's and iP cameras. Simple in configuration and reliable in work, affordable cost,.Also, i used NVR with external cameras in my home already 3-4 years and we also didn't notice any issues even in hot weather.

by Oleg . August 15, 2022

Good Price

This was a good buy. Not too expensive and the quality is pretty good. Very easy to setup. Perfect plug and play model. The seller is also good, one cam was not working and l reached out to seller and they gave me a replacement asap. Would highly recommend. Can share camera pic for security reasons.

by Antz. June 07, 2023

Prefect Technology Support

I have a problem with camera, it becins to automatically reboot every 6 minutes. Hard reset has not resolve this problem. l asked Techage support via chat to help me with this issue. Guyz send me updated firmware. After upgrading, camera begins to work fine. Thanks a lot! Good job!

by Denis D.August 22, 2023