Techage MR-10 Wireless Security Camera


2.Technical Parameters

Image Sensor

1080P Color Sensor1/3CMOS

Type of Day & Night Switch

Electronic IR-CUT filter with auto switch



Video Compression


Bit Rate


Wireless Security


Wifi Frequency

2.4GHz (IEEE802.11b/g/n)

Smartphone OS

Above iOS 7, Android 4.0 min

Video Resolution

1080P(1920*1080), VGA(640*480)

Frame Rate


Angle of View


Battery Type


Battery Capacity


Standby consumption


Working Consumption


Operating Temperature

−20℃to 50℃, -4℉ to 122℉

SD Card Type

Micro SD Card

Maximal Compatible SD Card Storage



Power on/off

Hold the power button for 5 seconds


Hold the reset button for 5 seconds



Slow Red Flash

Waiting for connection

Fast Red Flash


Red Still

Camera not connected to wifi

Blue Still

Camera is connected to wifi

5.CloudEdge App


Please scan the following QR code to download the App.

App Advanced Instruction


I’m not able to connect the camera to my wifi!

Please make sure that the frequency of your wifi signal is 2.4GHz.In order to maintain a stable connection, the camera is not able to connect to 5GHz wifi.

5GHz signal is faster than 2.4GHz signal. However, since the frequence is doubled, the effective signal range is smaller and the penetrability is weaker. When we are using the camera, it is quite difficult to avoid walls between the camera and the router so 5GHz may cause unstable connection.

The battery drains too fast!

This situation happens rarely if we use it indoor as suggested. Usually the battery runs too fast outdoor because there are lots of things that will trigger false alarm such as vehicles and wild animals.

However, if the problem does happen, please turn the sensibility of the PIR motion detection sensor from “High to “Low”. This action will shorten the detection range from 32 feet to 13 feet, less movements will be detected, less photos or videos will be taken and less battery will be cost.

The camera does not recognizing my SD card!

  1. Please check if the SD card is class 10.
  2. Please check the storage of your SD card.The camera supports SD card from 2Gb to 128Gb.
  3. The hardware version of your camera may need an update.Please contact our customer service team to update your camera version. Our e-mail:
  4. If the camera still can not recognize your camera, please format the SD card to FAT32 or EX FAT.

The camera is not detecting movements!

  1. Please check if you have open the “motion detection”switch in the app.
  2. Please adjust the angle of the camera. The PIR detection area is a sector, perpendicular to the camera surface. It is not able to detect movements above or beneath this sector PR detection area.
  3. Please make sure that the camera is not behind glass.Glass reflects incoming IR wave and block the PIR sensor from detecting movements.
  4. Please check the sensitivity of motion detection in the app.If it is currently “Low”, please change it to “High”. This action will increase the detection sensitivity and range from 13 feet to 32 feet. The Camera will take more photos and videos but the battery will drain faster.

There are way too many notifications and it drives me nuts!

  1. Please check the motion detection sensitivity in the app.If it is currently “High”, please change it to “Low”. This action will decrease the detection sensitivity and range from 32 feet to 13 feet. It will surely take less photos and videos but most of the false alarms would be avoided and the battery could last longer.
  2. The camera is suggested to be used indoor.In order to reduce the energy cost of the battery, there is no AI detection chips to recognize human and animals. When something or someone that emit IR wave (e.g human, animals or vehicles) enter the detection range, it will trigger the sensor and makes false alarm.
  3. Please make sure that the direction of the camera is not toward street.When the movement is too fast, it will trigger the sensor, the camera will send a notification, wake itself up, then start recording. If the object moves too fast, for example, a running vehicle, it might trigger the sensor but there will be nothing left in the photos and videos.

The night vision is too bad, I can’t see anything!

Please make sure that there is no obstacle near the lens.There are 3 IR LEDs around the lens to provide night vision brightness. If there is obstacle in front of the lens and too close to the camera, the obstacle will reflect the IR back to the camera and blur the images and the videos.

I’m not able to share my camera with my friends!

Please make sure that the accounts of both of you are in registered in the same country or area.

My camera is not charging!

Please make sure that the charger that your are using is DC 5V 1A or 2A.Charge the camera with big current charger may cause damages to the battery and shorten the battery life.

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