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How to set email alerts?

by HeKathy 25 Apr 2023 0 commentaires


You can access Email Setup here:  


  1. Right click mouse>System setup - Network setup -  Email
  2. Enable Email
  3. SMTP server: smtp.your email server.com  for example: smtp.hotmail.com/ smtp.gmail.com / smtp.yahoo.com etc.
  4. Port: 25
  5. User name: user name of your email or your email address
  6. Password: the authorization password of your email
  7. Encryption: leave it not entered. If it says failed after you click on Test, revise it to be SSL
  8. Sender: input the complete email address of your email
  9. Receiver: input the email address that you use to receiver email alerts
  10. Theme: leave it or make your own theme
  11. Interval: the interval of the time you receive email alerts (If motion trigger frequency is high and the interval is too short, will cause too many emails)
  12. Health mail interval: If the NVR/DVR is working fine, the interval that it sends one email to your email address.
  13. Click on OK to save the setting or click on Test to test the email setup and check if you can receive email alert
  14. If you want to receive email alert when motion is detected, you can tick E-mail where you set motion detection.

Notice: If you get user name or password or encryption type error, you will need to make some changes to your email setup:

Go to the email setup part of your email and set according to the error type.  


If you have problem setup gmail, please change another email server for it.

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