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How to make the NVR online? Cannot view when being outside?

by HeKathy 25 Apr 2023 2 commentaires

Similar title: What to do when you can only view from LAN while not from WLAN?

 Make sure you have connected the NVR to router by network cable and it shows Online on the NVR screen.

 Right click and go to Fast Network and then click on Auto Config. After that, click on Test and check if the network is healthy.  

Or you can click on manual config and tick DHCP and save. 

You will see Network Status is connected when it is ok. 

If the above does not solve your problem, please contact support with the above screen shots.


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2 commentaires

BONJOUR, je n’arrive pas a voir mes caméras a l’extérieur pourtant tout est ok le réseau est ok et que c’set en ligne.

j’ai besoin d’aide pour régler le problème.

09 May 2023 rune taklo

i have problems to see my cams in and outside the network ? it says network is ok and it is online,

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