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Why i can not visit my NVR on phone app when i connect NVR to internet?

1. Check whether Network Status is Healthy Network. if not, tick DHCP.

2. WhenNetwork Status is Healthy Network, you still can not view video on APP, then send version to the support for upgrade file and upgrade NVR.

Why i can not search PoE camera successfully when the indicator on PoE port is on?

1. Switch other POE port and have a try.

2. DownloadDeviceManagetool, open it, and clickIPSearch. If you can not search IP successfully. Then go next.

3. Power on your camera with 12V adapter, them connect camera to internet, then click IPSearch again, then tell the support result.

Why i can not visit my NVR on phone APP when i connect NVR to internet?

1. Check whether Network Status is Healthy Network. if not, tick DHCP.

2. WhenNetwork Status is Healthy Network, you still can not view video on APP, then send version to the support for upgrade file and upgrade NVR.

Why my PoE camera do not work?

Please kindly test your camera follow these steps.

1. Change other network cable.
2. Change other POE port.
3. Exchange test with other normal cameras.
4. Power on camera with 12V1A power adapter.

If the PoE Camera can work with 12V1A power adapter, then it means the PoE board inside of your camera broken.

How to add PoE Camera System to mobile app and remote view?

How to add device to mobile app and remote view?

  1. Make sure yourNVRis connected to yourrouterbynetwork cable. Just like this:

After that, please check the network setting on the NVR, like this:

Right click the mouse→【Main Menu】→【Advanced】→【Version】

See picture below:

If your NVR is not showed Connected, you will need to go to the fast network and auto config.

If auto config does not work, you will need to manual config and then tick DHCP and save.

  1. Scan the QR code here to download the app XMeye according to your phone type:

After installation, run XMeye. Follow the steps to add the device:

Ifyou have set your ownuser name and password, enter yours.

After that, you can view it now.

If you still have problem viewing remotely, please write to seller for technical support.

How to add device on VMS Software?

Firstly, you can find device serail number follow these steps.


SerialNumber: EnterdeviceSerialNumber


Password:Justleaveitblankasdefault(Butyouneedtofillinyourownpasswordifyou havechangedthepasswordbefore).

Click here to downloadVMS


Click[DeviceManager] andchoose[Adddevicesautomatically] toaddthedevice.

If you have already keep your device and your pc at same network, then you can click IPV4/6 Search to detect device to add.

Or click Clould Add, fill with serial number and passwrod to add.

Finally, you can click Live View, double click the device name on the right side to watch.

How to add device on CMS Software?

DownloadCMS on Your Computer

First of all, connect your NVR / Camera torouter,

  1. Double click on CMS icon to run it, A login window will show up:

Default user name: super, password: leave it blank, click login to continue

  1. Click System---Device Manage
  1. Click Zone List---Add Area---name the Zone, such as Front Door
  1. Click Front Door---Add Device---IP Search---you will find IP of NVR or camera---double click the IP---ok
  2. Double click the IP you added, then you will see connect successfully

How to add WiFi camera on iCsee app?

Step 1: Open the App "iCsee" and choose the "login".(if you don't have user name, please register fifirst).

Step 2: Click the "+" button to add device.

Step 3: Choose "WiFi Camera".

Step 4: Power on the camera and press the reset button to get the camera into the initialization mode.

Step 5: Input WiFi router password then confifm.(make sure your phone is in 2.4GHz WiFi network,5GHz network is not supported).

Step 6: Turn on the QR code of mobile phone until hear a camera voice "connect successfully".

Step 7: Set up the password.

Step 8: Pick a name for device and enter to video preview.

What to do when you can not connect camera successfully?

1. Power on the camera, it will say "system's starting up", and start to configure.

2. If it does not work, connect camera to router, check whether the indicator is on or not. Then tell the results to the support.

Why are cameras often offline by showing NoConfig?

Randomly dropped
1, Unplug the external network cable, there is a drop condition. If it is normal, it may be caused by IP conflicts, etc. You need to check whether the IP conflicts, change the new IP address and try again. Still dropped, restart the NVR to see if it is dropped
2, Upgrade NVR and cameras to the latest version, please send your version of NVR and cameras to the support. After the upgrade, observe the results.

Fixed channel dropped
1, Check whether the network cable under the current channel is too long, whether there is interference, whether the code stream value is too large

2, Swap camera, After the replacement, there is still a possibility of drop, please reduce the camera resolution or upgrade the camera.

Why my camera black off after working for a while?

1. Change a network cable and have a try.

2. Send version to support for upgrade file and upgrade camera.

3. Reset your camera, please referHow to reset POE IP camera?

What to do when system freezes or delays?

1. Restart NVR and have a test.

2. Reduce extra stream of all cameras.

3. Send version of NVR and camera to the support.

Why i can not view HD video on my phone app?

1. Please try to switch your phone network from 4G to Wifi, or switch Wifi to 4G.

2. If it does not work, send your version of NVR to the support for upgrade file and upgrade NVR.

What should I do if the indoor screen is very dark?

1. Check if the camera parameters (Device Config---Setting---System---Camera Param.) are normal. If the night vision is very dark, check if the infrared light is normal.

2.Open CMS, add camera, then go to Color, then you can adjust brightness.

3. Provide camera version to the support for upgrade file and upgrade camera.

My camera is Audio supportive but I cannot hear audio?

Please do the following to check if you have ticked this:

Video/ Audio

Please make sure whether your NVR/DVR supports audio output. If not, you cannot hear from the NVR directly. You need to check from the app on mobile or from pc with speaker.

How to turn on alarm sound for techage PoE system?

Here is a video to guide you how to turn on nvr alarm sound. Please kindly connect nvr with a monitor which support audio input and output too, and then set up follow this video to figure out it.

How to set email alerts and notifications on APP?

Main Menu→Main Menu→Network→NetService→Moblile report→Tick Enable

Main Menu→Alarm→Intelligent Alert→Tick Send Email&Moblie report

Right click the mouse→Main Menu→Network→NetService→Email [SMTP Server] Sender's mailbox (for example: gmailemail).

[Port] Sender's mailbox SMTP port.

[Encryption] SSL

[User Name] Username of the sender's mailbox (must support and open SMTP function).

[Password] The authorization password of the sender's mailbox.

[Receiver] Receiver’s mailbox.

Click [Mail Testing] Send an email to receiver to test the Email setting.

Notice: Before testing the Email, please confirm the Network has been connected successfully.

If it failed, then change Encryption to TLS or NONE.

Allow Xmeye App send notification and open XMEye---Alarm Config---open Alarm

How to find NVR's version Information?

Right click on mouse and choose Main Menu---Advanced---Version 

How to find POE/IP camera's version Information?

  1. If you use the camera alone, power on the camera with 12v power adapter and then connect it to router by network cable.

1.1 Download CMS to your pc (make sure the camera and pc in the same local network)and install it on your pc. Run it.

1.2 Refer to Download CMS and Add Device to CMS:

When you search the camera's ip, find the ip address like: 192.168.0.XX or similar to that.

1.3 After you add this camera to CMS, you can find its version information here: move your mouse on the camera and then right click - device config - version

How to upgrade POE and WiFi NVR?

First of all, send your current version to the support for upgrade file.

Way 1

  1. format the USB flash drive to FAT 32
  2. copy the"upgrade file"into U-Disk's root directory.
  3. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of theNVR /DVR
  4. Right click screen---Main menu---Advanced---Upgrade

Way 2

  1. Please download DeviceManage tool
  1. Unzip the tool and open it (connect your NVR to internet)

Why My NVR Pops out Upgrade mode?

  1. Unplug the external network cable and set a complicated password (letter + number) for the NVR
  2. In the NVR settings, turn off the "Automatic online upgrade" function in the upgrade option.
  1. Provide version of NVR to the support for upgrade file and have a test.

How to reset password for POE NVR ?

Right click screen---Main Menu---System---Account---Modify Pwd

Note: password should not contain such as &*! @ (... #% and other special characters

If you can login NVR with a password, but can't login on App, please confirm that the password conforms to the format.

Note:App login username and password are different from the camera login username and password. They are two different sets

What to do when you forget your password for POE NVR?

What to do when you forget your password for POE NVR?

How to reset password for POE IP Camera ?

Way 1

1.please kindly connect power camera and connect it to same router by lan cable with your phone

2.Download icsee app to add device

3. click retrieve password,get verification code to retrieve password,

Please check this video to guide you


If the reset tool can not figure out this problem, please try to login by ip address and go to reset it follow these steps

How to reset POE IP Camera?

  • Make sure your camera online and add on VMS software on PC.
  • Go to Live View Menu, move the mouse on device which you want to reset
  • Right click mouse, then you will see the menu “Reset Config”, click it to reset.

How to reset password for WiFi Camera?

1. You can find the reset button near the SD Card Slot or RJ45 Lan cable.

2. Long press the reset button about 10 seconds.

3.Make sure you can hear the reset configuration sound, then all setting and password will restored.

Default user name is admin, password is blank.

How to reset the password for Vicohome battery camera?

Currently, there are two ways to support password resetting.
  1. If you remember the current password, please click your account name in the “User” Section. Please follow the instructions on the page to reset your password to "Account Settings/Change Password". As shown below:
  1. If you have forgotten your current password, please click "Forgot your password?", then you need to enter the e-mail of your account to accept the verification code. After entering the correct verification code, you can reset your password. As shown below:
Please note that the password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number, and the minimum length of the password must be 8 characters.

How to charge the battery camera?

To charge the camera, a USB charging cable (included in the box) and a charger are needed. Please note that the camera only supports a charger with 5V output voltage.A DC 5V/1.5A charger is recommended.
Next, please follow the below steps.
  1. Plug the Micro USB connector of the charging cable into the Micro USB port of the camera.
  2. Plug the USB connector of the charging cable into a DC 5V/1.5A charger.
  3. Plug the DC 5V/1.5A charger into an electrical outlet.
The camera indicates a yellow light for charging and a green light for a full charge.

Why can't the battery camera be charged?

The following factors may cause charge failure. Please check one by one.

The charger is not supported or is defective

Please note that the camera only supports a charger with 5V output voltage.
To check whether the charger is defective, you can use the charger to charge other devices, for example, your phone. If the phone cannot be charged, either, you may need to change a charger.

The Micro USB charging cable is defective

To check whether the charging cable is defective, you can use the charging cable to charge other devices, for example, your phone. If the phone cannot be charged, either, you may need to change a charging cable.

The charger, the Micro USB charging cable, and the camera are not in good contact

Please ensure both the charger's port and the camera's charging port are clean. Besides, please put the charger's port, the Micro USB charging cable, and the camera's charging port in good contact.

The charging cable is too long

Generally, the length of the charging cable should not be more than 16ft (5m). If your charging cable is too long, please use a suitable one instead.

The charging environment is not suitable

Too high or too low temperature will both lead to failure to charge. Please move the camera to a suitable temperature environment (0°C ~ 45°C) for charging.
If the camera still cannot be charged, please submit feedback for technical assistance.

How to set daemon position for ptz poe/wifi camera?

1.Firstly, make sure your cameras support auto tracking function.

2.If you connect camera to our techage poe nvr, please go to ipc parmeter, advance , click setset daemon position.

2.If it is wifi ptz camera, please download icsee app to connect, later you can set up follow the video we shows.

How to backup Videos from NVR using USB?

First, insert a USB disk into the USB port

Second, Right click mouse---main menu---system---Backup

then choose channel, time, file---start