Why doesn't the battery last long?

Some users may be bothered by the short battery life. The battery life mainly depends on the total working duration of the camera. The causes of poor battery life and some solutions are listed below. If you have the same issue, please check them one by one.

The camera is frequently triggered to record videos

Please allow us to explain how motion detection works first. When the PIR sensor perceives a change in the environment, the camera will be triggered to record videos. The change in the environment can be a moving object, light change, the alternation of hot and cold air, etc. Particularly common false triggers include trees shaking after being blown by the wind, direct sunlight on the front facade of the camera, the cold air of the air conditioning, etc.
Usually, for a fully charged camera, without regard to other factors, and the video resolution is SD, the camera can continuously capture
3000~3500 10-second videos with a 5000mAh/5200mAh battery,
4000 10-second videos with a 6700mAh battery,
6000~7000 10-second videos with a 9000mAh battery.
And assume that the camera records 20 10-second videos per day, if only considering video recording and network connection power usage (with good wifi signal), without regard to other factors, it can last
2~5 months (Capacity: 5000mAh/5200mAh)
2~6 months (Capacity: 6700mAh)
3~8 months (Capacity: 9000mAh)
Of course, actual use is more complicated. So if your camera cannot hold a charge for long, you can try the following methods to reduce motion detection.
  1. Change the position of the camera to avoid false triggers like trees or plants triggers.
  2. Set motion detection sensitivity to "Low" or "Medium". After doing that, the distance the PIR sensor can perceive will become shorter.
  3. Enable "Cool down time" (most cameras have the feature while some cameras do not) so that no video will be recorded again within the set time interval.
  4. Change the recording duration to 10s.
  5. Change the recording resolution to SD.
  6. Schedule sleep for the camera (most cameras have the feature while few cameras do not). You can schedule the non-working dates and hours for the camera. During the non-working period, namely the sleep period, motion detection (including push notifications, recordings, and camera alarm) will stop working, which will largely save battery life.

The user frequently views the live stream

To make the camera work longer, please avoid opening the live stream for a long time.

The camera's Wi-Fi connection is poor

If the camera's Wi-Fi connection is poor or unstable, it will keep actively searching for the network thus the battery will drain fast.
Please try to place your camera as close to the Wi-Fi router as possible. Thick walls, bricks, ceramics, electromagnetic devices, a large amount of liquid, and large metal objects may interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Please try to avoid these objects. If it still does not work, you may need to use a better Wi-Fi router or a Wi-Fi extender.

Extremely cold weather will reduce battery life

The camera's operation temperature is -10°~45°C. Please do not place the camera in an extremely cold environment.

Night vision will consume more battery power

When you enable "Night Vision", the camera will enter night mode when the light is darker than the threshold (sensitivity level). And when it's dark, the shooting performance of the camera will be improved. However, night vision will consume the battery.
To reduce battery consumption, you can tap the camera "setting" icon > tap "Lighting Setting" > tap "Light Sensitivity Level" and set it to "Low" or "Medium". After doing that, it is not easy for the camera to enter night vision when it is still very bright.