Dummy Camera Fake Security Camera with Led (Pack of 2PCS)

Dummy Camera Fake Security Camera with Led (Pack of 2PCS)

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Techage SL669, Solar Battery Powered, Fake Security Camera, Dummy Cameras, Motion-Activated Floodlights, Realistic Look, Easy to Install, IP66 Waterproof, Warning Sticker Included, Pack of 2(Black)

Color  Black
Solar Panel 2Watt,5V
Battery Volume 2600 mAh, 3.7V
Power 5 Watt LED
Luminous flux 800LM
Color temperature White (6500K)
Lighting mode 1 modes
Lighting time 20 seconds
Material Metal
Working temperature -20-100℃


fake security camera black

Why Do I Need A Fake Camera?

According to FBI's research, 60% of the burglaries are not planned so these burglars are usually not prepared and they will easily be scared away. They will stay away from the houses which have security systems or security devices.

Security systems are nice but they alarm AFTER the break-ins. CCTV systems are able to inform you before the burglaries but they are quite expensive and the installation could be complicated. If you need some devices to make you feel safe, Techage simulated cameras are definitely your best choice!

As a simulated security camera, it can not only frighten ill-intentioned burglars but with 8 high-brightness LED lights and a PIR motion detector, you can also use it as a lighting tool and install it in your backyard, front door, driveway, warehouse, porch, etc.

More Convenient, More Eco.

solar power

The high conversion efficiency solar panel and 2600mAh large capacity battery ensure that the simulated camera can charge and work normally in any weather and light. There is no longer a need for disposable batteries, or to remove the simulated camera to replace the battery.

During the day, the solar panel absorbs the energy in the sunlight and converts it into electrical energy for storage in the battery. At night, the photosensitive sensor installed on the solar panel will sense the change of external light, and the red LED light will automatically light up. When someone passes by, the PIR motion sensor will be triggered, and the 8 white LED lights installed on the front of the camera will light up and continue to illuminate for 20 seconds.

IMPORTANT: Please install the camera in a position that can be exposed to the sun for a long time to achieve the effect of continuously charging the battery.


scare the bad guys away

Please Be Aware That The Simulated Camera Doesn't Have Voice Alarm!

Techage simulated cameras are equipped with 8 LED floodlights and a PIR motion sensor. If the burglars are not scared by the little red LED light (because EVERYONE knows little red light equals to fake camera), when they enter the detection area, the shiny floodlights will automatically turn on and expose them in the brightness!

You can also use the simulated cameras simply as motion lights to light up your porch, your front door, your garden, your backyard, etc.