8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm
8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm
8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm
8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm
8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm
8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm

8X Zoom PTZ Wireless IP Camera with Dual Lens 2.8mm to 12mm

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Main Features:

● 2 Lens, each len is 4MP Resolution . 4MP+4MP=8MP
● 2.8mm+12mm dual lens design;
● Smart Ai Humanoid detection: mixing line, area, two-way flow detection, for the human form, the item triggers no alarm ;
● Support DIY Alert Voice and Alarm Bell / Customized new speakers with loud volume (4w high power)
● Three Night modes Setting: blacklight full-color infrared night vision double light warning ;
● Support AP Direct Connection / Wireless Connection / Wired Connection;
● WiFi Connection: the camera only supports 2.4G HZ WiFi, it doesn't support 5G HZ WiFi;
● Wired Connection: the camera with an RJ45 LAN port, you could also connect the camera with the network cable(when you without wifi);
● Support vision 8 times magnification(only support 8x digital zoom, it doesn't support 5x optical zoom) ;
● Supports full-time loop recording, when the Sd card is full, the old video will be covered view the new recording automatically. Support Motion Alarm Recording, you could just record when it detects movement to save more storage for your SD card and cloud storage ;
● Support Two Modes Recording: Free 30-day cloud storage, Max 128G SD card Record, data security is more stable ;
● P2P Remote Access/Multi-User: P2P technology let you be able to view the live situation of your house wherever you are, just with the P2P account on the app via your Smartphone or tablet.
● PTZ: rotates 350° Horizontally and 90° Vertically ;
● H.265X new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable, and more durable ;
● Xmeye independently developed the RTS Cloud architecture, which is faster and the preview is more stable ;
● Special Technology: Exclusive patented spherical heat treatment, with an average of 30 degrees, let the screen exposure heat dry and disappear.

Picture in Picture , 8X Digital Zoom

You can switch from 1X to 8X digital zoom instantly , watch far and near images through Picture in Picture .
Compared with traditional wifi camera, it can fast zoom in or zoom out without lag.
Meanwhile, the stable and clearer image also can be promised .

Real 2.8-8MM Dual lens design

Built-in 2.8mm ultra wide angle lens & 8mm telephoto lens, reach 10x digital zoom.
2.8mm lens let you have a wide field of vision ; 8mm lens let you look far and get more details

4K HD Resolution options

8MP camera, which means single lens is 4MP , so dual lens is 4MP+4MP=8MP

Human Detection & Auto Tracking

When someone break into surveillance area , it can alert and push the notification to your phone timely, Stay informed about what's happening around you,Effectively protect the safety of your family and property.

AI Human Tracking Auto Zoom

The camera will adjust the pan/tilt rotation and zoom automatically,
capturing clear monitoring targets and auto-tracking moving human,and push alerts via email or notifications to your phone.

PTZ Remote Control

Rotates 350° Horizontally and 90° Vertically .
You can control it in the ICSEE app directly whenever you want and wherever you are .

Ai Human Detect Alert

Quickly finds human targets and immediately sends a notification to your phone, let you see what happens anywhere. It only detects the human shape and will not trigger falsely for objects such as cars and trees.


Color Infrared Night Vision

Built-in 4 LEDs, supports full-color mode, infrared mode and double-light alert mode (infrared night vision is displayed when no object moves, and the white light will be turned on to switch to full-color mode after motion is detected).

AI Motion Detection

The camera adopts the latest AI algorithm, which can accurately detect movements and send notifications to you through the APP, so you don't need to worry about the security of your defense area

Two Way Audio Talk Back , Clear & Real

Built-in microphone and loudspeaker, be able to respond remotely in real-time.
You not only can listen on app, you can also speak on app when someone close to your house

IP66 Waterproof

This PTZ WiFi Camera has a solid body and housing, IP66 level waterproof rating makes it ideal for outdoor surveillance. It can stand harsh weather conditions. including rain, snow, intense cold and heat

Compatible With Cable And Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes you may have only one way to connect the camera. Don't worry, this camera supports cable and wi-fi connection


SD Card Slot & Cloud Storage

Insert a SD card, it is a complete remote home security system, recording 24*7 videos or only motion events, and easily playback on phone app (support 16~128G micro SD card, card is not included), cloud storage need buy in App.

P2P Rem

App Access Anywhere Anytime

Supports Smartphone iCSee App (iOS, Android), tablets (iPad, Android), Windows PC CMS client. This is the most convenient way to watch from anywhere, anytime.

APP Download And Setting


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