POE Wired IP Camera Frequently Asked Questions



1.Why i can not search camera successfully when the indicator on POE port is on?

2.What should I do if the indoor screen is very dark?

3.How to Sync Local Time when i only have POE Camera?

4.Why i Can not View HD Video on My Phone App?

5.How to Set Email Alert when i only have POE Camera?

6.Why My Camera Black off after Working for a While?

7.What to do when system freezes or delays?

8.What to do when monitor does not display video?

9.Why i can not visit my NVR on phone APP when i connect NVR to internet?

10.What to do when the picture of dome camera not clear in the night?

11.Why My Camera Does Not Work?

12.What to Do when My Camera Shows Pink/Purple Picture?

13.How to Change IP of POE IP Camera?

14.Why My NVR Pops out Upgrade mode?

15.Why My Video Shows Black and White in Daytime and picture flipped?

16.How to upgrade POE NVR?

17.Why are cameras often offline by showing NoConfig?

18.How to set email alerts and notifications on APP?

19.Why i can not get motion detection notifications when i open human detect?

20.Why i can only choose one or two cameras when view record video?

21.What to do when you forget your password for POE NVR?

22.How to reset password for POE NVR ?

23.How to Expand your POE NVR channels?

24.How to install the activeX control?

25.How to view from Website? www.xmeye.net

26.My camera is Audio supportive but I cannot hear audio?

27.What to do when NVR is stuck where the system is initializing? Or with colorful strips

28.How to set Motion Detection on NVR and set Email Alerts?

29.How to Record from Website/CMS and Playback Videos?

30.How to add your device to mobile app and remote view?

31.How to Backup Videos from NVR using USB?

32.How to reset password and setting for techage poe camera?

33.How to Reset POE NVR?

34.Download CMS and Add Device to CMS.

35.How to Turn on/off IR Cut?

36.How to Find NVR Version Info?

37.How to find POE/IP camera's Version Information?

38.How to View Real-time Video via RTSP URL?

39.How to solve IP conflict when you have POE NVR?

40.How can i set up face detection and face playback? 

41.How do I find RTSP Link for my cameras?

42.How to turn on alarm sound for techage poe system?