What to do when you can not connect camera successfully?

1. Power on the camera, it will say "system's starting up", and start to configure.

2. If it does not work, connect camera to router, check whether the indicator is on or not. Then tell the results to the support.


  • Такая же фигня, не подключается по wi-fi. Только по кабелю.
    Скорее всего прошивка кривая, что неудивительно. А вот камеры с Озона нормально работают и подключаются в т.ч. и по вифи.

  • Good day! Sorry, I had 3 yours camera, but no one can’t connect to my wifi. They can’t to scan QR code in ICSee program. I tried to reset them, try to connect by AP mode, nobody helps. Router is 2.4 standard. What can be it?


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