How to reset Wifi camera and restore NVR to factory setting?

How to reset wifi camera? 

download IPCamSuite from this link and reset the cameras. 

download this one: IPCamSuite- to your pc and install and run it.

 Then power on all the cameras and connect them to router by network cables. Click on refresh to search all the cameras.


When they appear, choose them and then click on reset camera.

 How to Restore NVR to factory setting? 

  1. right click - system setup - system admin - factory setting - choose simple restore.

If you restore factory setting, it will retent channels, network, user configuration


  • Key:18991108

  • Dejo de funcionar la cámara por que mucho tiempo se quitó la app y no consigo echarla a andar

  • I forgot the Password of my Nvr, the password of admin, how can I do a factory reset ??, thanks
    Model N6704FN

    Eduardo Rodriguez
  • Hello guys, please kindly contact to get support.

  • Mis cámaras no se ven en el teléfono quisiera saber como puedo ponerlas porque yo he tratado de la las formas que me mandaron y no funciona

    Maria Figueroa

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