APP wrong password and change NVR password

Pls refer to these step to solve the wrong password issue.

1) If you doesn't change the User Name and the Password on NVR box.

The User name is 'admin', no password (you don't need input anything)




2)For changing the password on NVR box.

Right click the mouse>System setup> System admin>User>Set Password

3) User name and password should not exceed 12 characters and should not contain such as &*! @ (... #% and other special characters

If you can login NVR with a password, but can't login on App, please confirm that the password conforms to the format.

Note:App login username and password are different from the camera login username and password. They are two different sets of username and password system.



  • Здравствуйте, забыла пароль чтобы войти в систему и не могу восстановить как быть?

  • Hello dear, If these steps can not help you to change correct password, please kindly figure out them with these steps to reset your nvr password!

  • Hallo
    The Passwort on the Smartphone i dont cant Change. I Change are not working. My ID is 4010366094 evrytime wrong user or password. I can change the password dont accept on the Smartphone. You must delete the password on the Server. Esee <>
    Firttime i had Install is working.
    10:16 (vor 55 Minuten)

    an mich

    Below is the email verification code:


    This email is used to recover your password and sent by system, do not reply.

    Daniel Ott

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