Techage Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, Techage Wireless Solar Flood Lights, 800-Lumen 8 LEDs Super Bright Spotlights

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Our solar lights looks like a real security camera, perfect for defending your front door, back yard, garage, driveway, deck and patio's security. It's perfect for protecting your home. At the same time, the solar flood light will Illuminate your warm home at darkness night.

Please Kindly Note:

  • 1. After you get the LED Solar Light,press the battery button three second, and then fully cover the solar panel, if the light is on, it shows the solar flood light is normal. If the flood light is not on,please make sure to fully charge it in the sunshine,then operate again.
  • 2. Solar panel should be activated in the strong sunshine for 2-3 seconds, and fully charge it in the sunshine before first using it.
  • 3. If there is no good sunshine or in winter, the battery may be out and the solar panel will takes more time to charge, especially in north area.
  • 4. Please install the solar flood light in a location that the solar panel can get the sunlight directly without any shelter or glass or shade caused by trees,buildings etc.
  • 5. Working power of the solar panel will be influenced by weather, location etc.
  • 6. If do not use it for long time,you can fully charge it in sunshine or charge it every 3 months,so that can extend the battery's life.

Techage Super Bright Solar Motion Sensor Light with Two Virtual Antennas - Looks like a Real Security Camera - Greatly Improved the Preventive effect.

techage solar light

Solar Flood Light - Using Solar Energy - No Need Any Power

Techage solar motion sensor light is build-in PIR motion detection sensor and photocell sensor, it have 3 working mode in all.

MODE 1: weak light(40LM) if no person, when detected motion it will become strong light(800LM) and lasting 20s.

MODE 2: off if no person, but red light flashing, when detected motion it will become strong light(800LM) lasting 20s(Security mode).

MODE 3: for lighting, keeps strong light at night.

How to turn on the solar light and switch the lighting mode?

Please long press the power button at the rear of the solar panel 3 seconds. Please short press the rear of the solar panel 1 second to switch lighting mode.

Package Included

Solar Flood Light × 1

Wall Anchor × 4

Screw × 4

Bracket positioning paper× 1

Instruction Manual × 1

solar lights

Security Lighting Mode & Easy to Install

I like the second lighting mode, which is off at light but the little red light is flashing, when detected motion, the solar flood

light will light on(800 lumens).

If some unscrupulous people come here, they will think: "Is there a surveillance camera?", but in fact it's just a solar flood light.

This solar security light will scare them and let them run away ignominiously.

Recommended Install Height & Multi-angle Adjustable

The max motion detection distance of the motion sensor is 26 ft. And the recommended the solar light camera installation angle is 60 degree and the suggested max installation height is 13 ft. For a better motion detection area,we suggest that the best installation height to be 6.5~10.8 ft.

The solar flood light lamp head can be vertical adjusted 90° and the solar panel can be vertical adjusted 120°. Please install the Solar Lights to face the south and to make sure the Solar panel can get good sunlight.

Three Intelligence Lighting Mode

The solar motion sensor light is build-in PIR motion detection sensor and photocell sensor, it have 3 working mode in all. MODE 1: weak light(40LM) if no person, strong light(800LM) when detected motion. MODE 2: off if no person and red light flashing, strong light(800LM) when detected motion(Security mode). MODE 3: for lighting, keeps strong light at night.

IP66 Weatherproof

Excellent waterproof function is good enough to with rough weather

Using Renewable Solar Energy & Energy Saving

As we all know that many normal lamps need use electricity to power on, if the lamps light on all night, it is definitely waste of


Techage solar light will auto turn off in day time and the efficient solar panels will charge under the sunlight, our solar security light

no need any power, which is really energy saving.

Auto Charge and Auto illuminate Solar Flood Light

Techage solar security light was built-in photocell sensor, it will auto charge in the day time and light on at night automatically.

Please keep the surface of the solar panel clean,to make sure the product works at it’s best performance

Under the premise of sufficient sunshine, the light can only takes four hours to full charge.

In normal environment, it will take 4-6 hours for charging.

  • Solar Panel: 2Watt 5V
  • Battery Volume: 3.7V 2600 mAh
  • Power: 5 Watt LED
  • Luminous flux: 800LM
  • Color temperature: white (6500K)
  • Bright light lighting time interval: 20 seconds
  • Lighting mode: 3 modes
  • Size: 7.3×3.3×4.9 inches
  • Product weight: 1.32 lb
  • Working temperature: -10-60℃
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy+high quality ABS