How to get Motion Detection Adjustable on App?

Please do this:

download this tool to your pc: (JW_PC_FB_IPC_TOOL_V01.00.00.62_en (English Version) install it on your pc.

power on your camera and then connect it to your router by network cable.

download and save the file from here: (custom_setting.ini)

You will get this: tick first and then left click on the camera id and then click on device config(in Chinese: 配置信息) and you will get the following:

and then copy all the information and add this one to the end of the text: Set_MD_Level_Support = 1, then save it to this file: custom_setting.ini .

Next step, go back this the IPCTest Tool,
tick the device and left click on the id and then click on Upgrade (in Chinese: 强制升级)-choose the custom_setting.ini saved and then click on Open to complete the upgrade. See the picture below.

Please wait for the completion of upgrade and then you can try logging in the app again to check if you get the sensitivity of adjustment.