What to do when the image is flipped?

What to do when the image is flipped?

Power on the camera with the adapter and connect it to router or pc with network cable.

Download this tool to your pc from this link:  (IPCameraSuite- for JIUAN WIFI)

Install and run it on your pc. Click on Refresh to search the ip of the camera: 

You will see the ip address of this camera. 

Run IE explorer and input this ip address into the search bar. Press enter to go. You will get this: 

You will be asked to allow the plugin and please allow it. Click on Login to go. 

Next, you will go into the device config of the camera. Choose the language. 

This is the wifi config of the camera. 

Then you can go to Device Info.

You can access here to the ir cut setup. 

Here you can flip the image and make it right.