What to do when camera shows Offline?

What to do when camera is showing Offline-Wifi Camera Kit Category?

1. Reset camera

download the tool from this link and reset the cameras.


download this one: IPCamSuite-for wifi camera

Then power on all the cameras and connect them to router by network cables. Run the tool and then click on refresh to search all the ipc.

When they appear, choose them and then click on reset camera.

Or you can also upgrade the camera to latest version from the tool (get the latest version from support with your current version)

2. Add the camera to NVR by Match Code from the NVR:

1). power on the camera and connect it to the NVR with a network cable.

2). right click on the monitor screen of that camera channel, choose video manage.

3). Then choose the channel below the added device. On the right corner, click the "match code" option and click "yes" to continue.

4). It will automatically match code and click "OK" to exit.

If it matches code failed, then click "match code" again to make it right.

5). When all cameras are matched codes successfully, unplug cable from the camera.