TECHAGE Surveillance Solutions

  • Home Surveillance Solutions

    Home and family are our most precious assets. Getting a home video surveil-lance system can be the best investment you’ve ever done for your family. Techage offers you a wide range of smart and reliable home video security systems.

    Touch Home Solutions

  • Smart Wireless Surveillance Solutions

    With the ability to place everywhere without worrying about wires, wireless security cameras or systems have become extremely popular. Our wireless surveillance products are real plug &play and secure enough at the same time.

    Touch Wireless Solutions

  • Business & Office Surveillance Solutions

    Video Solutions have been used widely in business. Because the systems can keep your employees and businesses away from potential dangers. Techage provides various surveillance products and solutions to meet your security needs in business.

    Touch Business Solution

Best Product with Amazing Features

  • High Resolution
  • Remote Access Anywhere
  • Simple to Use
  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Multi-Channel Playback
High Resolution: Stunning and crystal clear images are guaranteed with high performance lens and cutting edge image processing technology. You can always watch over your home and business in true high definition to get a peace of mind.
Remote Access Anywhere: Remote access has never been so easy with our smart surveillance systems. We offer free apps for Android and iOS, so that you can easily keep an eye on your lovely children, naughty pets and elderly parents on your smartphone or tablet even you’re miles away.
Simple to Use: Our videosurveillance products are designed with user-friendly features for easy installation and operation. You can DIY a video surveillance system effortlessly without professionals. Home and business can totally be a breeze for you.
Smart Motion Detection: Instant email notification will be sent to your phone once movement is detected in your house. And you can customize the detection region which you want to keep an eye on. You house is always under control whether you’re in the next room or on the road.
Multi-Channel Playback : You can enjoy multi-channel video playback in a very beautiful and intuitive interface and get the very precious moments of you lovely children and pets you missed while you are away without leaving out one second.

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